SimuTech Group Canada Inc.

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50 Ronson Drive, Suite 120
Toronto, Ontario

SimuTech Group offers a wide range of finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) engineering simulation software, support, training, consulting and testing services to engineering and manufacturing companies in the US and Canada.
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As the largest service provider of ANSYS FEA and CFD engineering simulation software in North America, SimuTech Group is well positioned to provide clients with scalable, cost effective and timely solutions.

With 10 regional offices in North America and 25+ years of FEA, CFD and testing experience. We are trusted advisors to our 1,700+ clients that range from one-man consulting shops to large multi-national manufacturers.

Our staff of 50+ FEA, CFD and testing consultants and support engineers have years of industrial experience to assist our clients in delivering cost effective and timely product designs or modifications. SimuTech Group Canada, formerly known as ROI Engineering, is a privately held Canadian Engineering company with offices in Toronto Montreal, Quebec, and Calgary.

Our mission is to provide high quality engineering solutions and services to our diverse client base that will ultimately provide them with a Return On Investment. We take our customer's needs, requirements, and commitments very seriously, and go above and beyond what might be expected from an engineering firm to ensure our customer's objectives have been met. We recognize that we can only be successful if our customers are successful first.

If you have any design & engineering projects that you would like to discuss with us, please reserve your time slot now by sending us an email!

You can reach us:

1) Montréal: Dr. Christian Semler 514-761-0611 x 221 [email protected]
2) Québec City: Pierre M Beaulieu . Eng. M. Sc. 418-682-5942 [email protected]
3) Toronto: Predrag Djurovic. P Eng. MBA 416-249-1471 x 225 [email protected]
4) Calgary: Ryan Matheson, 206-453-2197
[email protected]