Instructions on How to Best Use Your Unique Exhibitor Invite Code and Customer Passes

At EventWorx we pay exhibitors to market to their customers! We believe paying exhibitors to invite their customers through their marketing activities just makes sense. As the show organizer, we are only one body promoting the show; however, when hundreds of companies promote the show, it expands the market reach exponentially.

The process is simple for our exhibitors, and free of gimmicks and unrealistic hurdles.

1. You should have received an unique code from Pheedloop, our registration providers. This code is unique to your company. If you do not have the code, please log into your Event Guide Listing. If you cannot find the code, please email and we will gladly provide the code.

2. There are templates for exhibitor invites, such as postcards, email signature banners, website banners and social media banners, where you can include your logo and unique registration code.  Where you see the white space, simply add your logo and unique code. If you require a different format or require some assistance adding your logo, please email with an EPS of your logo and unique exhibitor code and we’ll happily assist in creating materials for you.

Option 1 Exhibitor Invite (Word document)

Option 2 Exhibitor Invite (Word document)

Exhibitor Post Card Side One

Exhibitor Post Card Side Two

Exhibitor Email Banner (PNG file)

Exhibitor Email Banner (PhotoShop file)

Exhibitor Ad (PNG file)

Exhibitor Ad (PhotoShop file)

Atlantic Canada Petroleum Show Logo (PNG file)

3. Visitors using a unique code gain free access to the exhibition. If a visitor receives multiple invitations with several codes, the credit goes to the exhibitor whose code was entered into registration system by the visitor.

4. The rebate is paid to the exhibitor when their invited visitors are verified to have attended the show. This verification is done through badge pick up and/or bar code scanners.

5. Exhibitors receive a rebate of $10 per visitor they attract to the show; up to a maximum value of 50% of the cost of their exhibit space. Half of the rebate is refunded to the exhibitor and the other half is applied as a credit for the future event.

6. Require assistance, please call 403.971.3227 or email and we will assist.

Top 5 Ways to Enhance Your Booth

  1. Make your space inviting
    • Altering your booth’s seating arrangement by adding furniture, such as cocktail tables or lounge chairs, may allow for better movement in and out of your booth. Adding a few plants may help to create an inviting space.
  2. Help visitors find your booth and quickly understand your company’s offering
    • Consider ordering additional signage or hanging banners for your booth.
  3. Create a unique hands-on experience at your booth
    • Live demonstrations are an excellent way to engage attendees and showcase your products in action. If you’re unable to do a live demo, consider showing a demo video on a big screen TV placed in your booth.
  4. Host a reception at your booth for prospective and current clients and partners
    • A reception is a great way to invite visitors to your booth to engage in a conversation about your company. Create printed invitations to hand out during the show to invite attendees to your event.
  5. Help drive traffic to your booth with strategic sponsorship and advertising opportunities
    • Want to drive additional brand awareness or traffic for attendees on site? Consider advertising in the Official Event Guide or a Sponsorship Opportunity to showcase your brand. Your ad can feature your booth #, and highlight your in-booth reception or contest.
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